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Planned Giving

Many individuals are concerned that the freedom they have enjoyed under the Second Amendment may not last for their children or grandchildren to experience and cherish. That's why they have provided a legacy of freedom in their estate planning by contributing to the programs and activities of The NRA Foundation. You, too, can join these generous individuals as members of the Heritage Society by making a commitment to The NRA Foundation through your will or other planned gift.

What is the Heritage Society?

NRA Heritage SocietyThe Heritage Society distinguishes those men and women who strongly believe in the purposes of The NRA Foundation and generously assist in ensuring its future. Membership is awarded to all individuals who have included The NRA Foundation in their will. As a member of the Heritage Society you will have:

    • Your name permanently displayed in a beautiful "Defenders of Freedom" exhibit in the atrium of NRA Headquarters;


    • Special recognition at a reception hosted by The NRA Foundation national leadership at each NRA Annual Meeting; and


  • A distinctive gift, specially designed for members of the Heritage Society.

Visit the Heritage Society's website or click here to receive more information about the Heritage Society.

Planned gifts benefit both the individual and The NRA Foundation. Such a gift is usually the result of careful financial and/or estate planning, and is often combined with current gifts as part of an overall giving program. These gifts include trusts, bequests, personal property, life insurance, and gifts of real property subject to a life estate. Each of these forms of giving is closely regulated by law and requires special arrangements and tax treatment.

One's legacy can be furthered through a gift to endowment. A permanent source of funding for the foundation's educational programs, endowments provide the opportunity to change the course of history. A gift to endowment is a gift for the future, as it will ensure that support for the work of The NRA Foundation is forever available in the years -- and generations -- to come.

Click the button below to read The NRA Foundation's Resolution Adopting a Donor Bill of Rights.

Resolution Adopting a Donor Bill of Rights